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CFA (Continuous Flow Analysis) system for automated water and soil analysis

CFA system for water and soil analysis

Our product is the automation of chemical analysis procedures and the instrument we apply for it. The reduction of analysis costs, while keeping the quality of analysis results, is a central criterion for the profitability of today’s laboratories. Beside detection limits and quality management, the sample throughput, the demand for labor and the instrument maintenance play an important role in the decision process to apply any analysis technique.Automatic chemical analysers provide:

  • Five-times the sample throughput in comparison to chromatographic methods
    • Small expenses for chemicals, only a fraction of manual method demand is required. Consequently small chemical waste results
    • The instrument operation requires no specialist but only trained lab assistants, the automatic analyser saves the stable quality of the determination procedure.
    • Important steps of sample preparation are integrated on the analyser. Automatic distillation, UV digestion, dialysis, extraction or integrated dilution save plenty of time.

Detail information about the analysis task is preliminary condition to find the recommendable technical solution. Just the implementation of the objectives makes our automation project competitive and economically interesting. Existing installations may be helpful for the decision of newcomers in automated chemical analysis.Technical Data of a CFA Analyser:

  • Segmented flow techniques Macroflow or Microflow
    • Autosampler serial 52/104 positions or XY sampler 240 (300) positions
    • Multichannel proportioning pump with 12/48 positions, segmentation by air or N2
    • Individual method ‘manifolds’ for dilution, mixing, incubation, dialysis, distillation,
    UV digestion, hydrolysis, a.o.)
    • Individual filter colorimeter for each analysis manifold, mono or bichromatic
    • Flowcell 10-50 mm ligthpath, debubbling or bubble gating
    • Sophisticated electronics for colorimeter and system control
    • PC station with CFM software and printer


Bulevar umetnosti 27, 11000 Beograd

+381 11 31 30 542

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