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"Kjeldahl" and "Soxhlet" analysis in the food industry

SoxROC Uređaj za ekstrakciju

The OPSIS LiquidLINE SoxROC Extraction Unit is an automated hot solvent instrument that can extract fat according to official methods. The instrument is based on Randall and Twisselmann techniques, using hot solvent and a closed system to reduce extraction time versus manual Soxhlet. The SoxROC follows officially approved methods for fat extraction. The SoxROC is designed to be flexible and is therefore also capable of extractions using other solvents and samples. Available in 2 and 6 position models.

Highlights of the SoxROC Extraction Unit

  • Reduce Time, Reduce Errors
    With SoxROC, you can extract as many as 42 samples per day with no loss in precision or accuracy.
    Automation of all extraction steps and an innovative batch handling reduces risk for errors. Typically up to five times faster than the classical Soxhlet technique
  • Reduce Costs
    Unique sealing system with more than 90% recovery reduces cost for solvents and efficient water cooling reduce water consumption.
    A large selection of seals, cups and standard thimbles reduces costs when changing between applications and solvents.
    One single compact system without wires or computers reduces costs for installation and operation
  • Add Flexibility, Add Safety
    Unique control of solvent removal adds flexibility for different applications.
    Security with high standard against dust, liquids and explosives. All valves close to solvents are ATEX classified.
    Operator safety is important and the SoxROC is equipped with protection shield, closed addition of solvents, and easy removal of recovered solvents

KjelROC Autosampler

The KjelROC Autosampler provides laboratories with an innovative instrument that determines protein and nitrogen according to the Kjeldahl method. The Predictive titration, patent pending, gives the user several advantages in the lab. The KjelROC Autosampler is fully automatic and is able to handle up to 25 different samples automatically. The principle is simple, insert a tube rack with samples and return later to collect the results. The KjelROC Automsampler is a Kjeldahl apparatus capable of steam distillation, titration and automatic exchange of samples.

Highlights of the KjelROC Autosampler

  • Autosampler saves Costs and Improves Quality
    The possibility to send and receive weights and results, by using different devices, reduces the integration and IT costs significantly. Data files are prepared to work with LIMS and other systems. The same computer can also be used to enter the data at the balance and transmit data to the Autosampler, which leads to increased efficiency in the laboratory. An Autosampler reduces the operator time spent with the instrument.
  • Improved Analytical Result
    The OPSIS LiquidLINE Predictive Titration lowers the Relative Standard Deviation (RSD) and increases the flexibility with different indicators. This gives increased usability of your instruments. The Autosampler also uses a large, refillable burette, that saves time and cost when moving between high and low content protein.



KjelROC Analajzer

Our KjelROC range of automatic Kjeldahl analyzers offers innovative, precise and cost efficient solutions for Distillation, Titration and determination of protein according to the Kjeldahl method. The Kjeldahl apparatus provides steam distillation according to official methods and the OPSIS LiquidLINE unique Predictive Titration, patent pending, gives several advantages in the lab.

Highlights of the KjelROC Analyzer

  • Increase Efficiency. Reduce Costs
    The possibility to send and receive results without additional software, computers and cables, significantly reduces the integration and IT costs. Process data files directly in the KjelROC Analyzer. This reduces costs when integrating with your LIMS or other systems.
  • Improved Analytical Results
    The OPSIS LiquidLINE Predictive Titration lowers the Relative Standard Deviation (RSD) and increases flexibility with different indicators. The 50 ml Burette with automatic refill makes it easy to change between the High and Low protein analysis. The Kjeldahl distillation is controlled via the easy to use touch screen. Large, refillable burette saves time and costs when moving between high and low content protein. Performance Tracking saves time when following the instrument performance over time.
  • Low Maintenance Costs
    Unique Service System saves time for maintenance.
    Prepared for ISO 17025 and GLP features, reduce time and costs when integrating the instrument into the Lab procedures.
    Component lifetime and maintenance costs are optimized with the help of OPSIS component traceability program. It allows easy diagnostics and follow-up of both instruments and components..
  • Adaptive Workflow
    The KjelROC Analyzer is fully flexible to adapt to your existing lab procedures or you can use our ready to use programs. You are always in control with our customizable touch screen, where you can define your own workflow.



KjelROC Destilacioni Uređaj

Our KjelROC Distillation unit offers full control of the distillation process at a low cost. The instrument is a Kjeldahl apparatus with full control of alkali, water and steam. There are two versions of the steam distillation system – one with automatic addition of receiver solution and one without. All our KjelROC models can be upgraded.

Highlights of the KjelROC Distilation Unit

  • Unique Service System. Reduced Maintenance Costs
    Unique Service system saves time and costs for maintenance. Component lifetime and maintenance costs are optimized with the help of OPSIS component traceability program. It allows easy diagnostics and follow-up of both instruments and components.
    Prepared for ISO 17025 and GLP features, reduce time and costs when integrating the instrument into the Lab procedures.
  • Expandable System. Low Cost for Upgrade
    The KjelROC Distillation Unit can easily be upgraded to a full KjelROC Analyzer or an Autosampler.
  • Automation and Traceability. Increased Efficiency
    Distillation Device is a fully automatic device with software addition of base, water or receiving solution. There is full traceability with the ability to track samples as well as download log files from the instrument. The wireless system makes it easy to send and receive information.



KjelROC Digestor

Standard in all our digestion blocks are selectable programs, timer functions and possibility to select between Celcius and Fahrenheit. Our more advanced blocks offer an automatic motor rack.

Highlights of the KjelROC Digestors

  • Automatic Programs Saves Time
    Automatic programs  make the KjelROC Digestors easy to use. Alarm signal and/or automatic cooling simplifies the surveillance of the process.
  • Automation Saves Time and reduce Costs
    Digestors Advanced models saves even more time with fully automatic motor rack
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
    All Digestors and Scrubbers built with high endurance materials. From high quality Borosilicate Glass to high quality EN 1.4404 Stainless steel



KjelROC Scrubber

Environmental concerns are always important to consider and therefore we recommend to use scrubbers together with our KjelROC Digeston blocks.

Highlights of the KjelROC Scrubber

  • Reliable and Easy with small Footprint
    The KjelROC Scrubbers are built to work in an environment with high corrosive fumes and high temperatures. All materials are carefully selected.
  • Small footprint and ease of use has been prioritized when designing the OPSIS KjelROC Scrubbers.
  • High Standard
    Water cooling possiblity is standard in all KjelROC Scrubbers, as well as the possibility to adjust the suction power.



HydROC Uređaj za Hidrolizu

OPSIS LiquidLINE brings an innovative solution for Acid Hydrolysis, making Total Fat determinations more efficient and safe. The hazardous Hydrolysis process can now safely be performed with up to six samples simultaneously. The unique HydROC filter brings additional cost and time savings.

Highlights of the KjelROC Hydrolysis Unit

  • Save Costs with Clever Filter Technology
    The HydROC filter can be used several times which makes it more cost efficient than any other solution on the market.
    Clever solution saves cost on other consumables.
    System compatible with several other extraction systems on the market.
  • Reduce Errors in Total Fat Analysis
    The HydROC filter can be used in both hydrolysis and extraction steps, avoiding sample transfer errors and saving time.
    The HydROC and SoxROC batch handling system saves time when moving samples between hydrolysis and extraction.
    Complete separation of samples removes the risk for contamination.
  • Safe Design
    The Acid Hydrolysis is performed in a closed system, reducing risks for the operator.
    Sample rinsing without any contact with Acid reduces safety hazards.
    Complies with standardized methods.



KjelROC Potrošni Materijal

Good analysis requires preparation and supplies of reliable consumables like Glass Tubes of Borosilicate and Kjeldahl Tablets. OPSIS offers a complete range of Glassware and Kjeldahl Tablets for your daily laboratory needs. OPSIS brings you High Quality, Time Savings and Cost Savings.

Kjeldahl Tablets

  • KT-211-A, Missouri Tablet, Cu, 0.3%, 3.5g
  • KT-220-A, Micro Copper, Cu, 9%, 1.65g
  • KT-230-A, Universal Copper, Cu, 9%, 5g
  • KT-240-A, Titanium, Cu-TiO2, 3.71g
  • KT-250-A, Selenium, Se, 0.1%, 3.5g
  • KT-260-A, Wieninger, Se-Cu, 2%, 3.5g


  • TU-214-A, KjelROC Tubes 250 ml
  • TU-221-A, KjelROC Tubes 750 ml
  • TU-220-A, Conical Flask 250 ml
  • TU-222-A, Boiling Rods for digestion of liquid samples




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