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Neutralization units KYOCERA

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FRIATEC, which operates within the KYOCERA Group, is a manufacturer of equipment for the treatment of hazardous waste liquids.

The neutralization unit solves the issue of acid-base liquid waste in a simple and fast way by the neutralization procedure.

The control unit measures the pH value of the waste and brings it into the set range by dosing the reaction chemicals. After the neutralization procedure, the waste is drained into the municipal sewer.

The whole procedure takes place automatically, the only obligation of the user is to monitor the slope of the pH electrode and to replace it when the device gives an indication, as well as the level of reaction chemicals and to replenish as needed.

The heart of the device is a control unit that can be programmed according to the needs of the user. The rest of the device is designed accordingly, so that KYOCERA can instead of the standard variant make a unit with higher capacity or with other characteristics, for example neutralization of waste that is known not to be mixed, but has a known pH value and concentration.

The length of the neutralization cycle depends on the pH value and concentration of the chemicals and varies from a few minutes to 90 minutes. The capacity of the smallest unit is 100l, and the processing of larger amounts of waste is enabled by installing a collection tank in front of the unit, so that in accordance with the needs of users, larger quantities of waste are collected and neutralized in cycles for which the unit withdraws a certain amount of waste.

Collection can be done manually by the user pouring waste into the collection tank or by connecting one or more places where waste is generated (mainly washing basins) to the local sewage network with the collection tank.

In addition to the unit, KYOCERA offers additional equipment, such as a pump for disposing of neutralized waste over long distances, a module for connecting the unit to the local computer network, etc.

To operate the neutralization unit, it is necessary to undergo basic training and follow safety procedures when working with hazardous substances.

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Bulevar umetnosti 27, 11000 Beograd

+381 11 31 30 542

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