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Made in accordance with their purpose

Workbenches - worktops

Worktops are the busiest places in laboratories.

Humidity, high temperatures and chemicals are factors that affect the life of work surfaces.

The materials used for these purposes are different and made by different manufacturers. The choice depends on the purpose of the workbench.

Writing desks usually have a work surface from wood based materials, because no resistance is required there.

Microbiological laboratories mainly use work surfaces maid from stainless steel or monolith ceramic due to the smooth surface and rounded edges, all for the purpose of quality cleaning.

In chemical laboratories, greater resistance to chemicals is needed, so ceramic work surfaces are traditionally used for that purpose, but with the advancement of technology, solid ceramics have taken the place of tiles that are glued to a wooden base. KERAPLAN, one of the leading manufacturers of ceramic work surfaces for laboratories, offers a large selection of standard and non-standard shapes and dimensions, so that the appropriate solution can be found for each specific user need. In addition to work surfaces that may or may not have an overflow edge, a large selection of sinks and small funnels is offered, for use in various places in the laboratory – from washing basins to fume hood. KERAPLAN also offers a choice of colors.

Optionally, a suitable type of compact board, such as TOP LAB plus, from the manufacturer TRESPA, can be used for work surfaces. This material is of a newer generation and new applications are being found every day.

With compact worktops, the most common is the installation of polypropylene sinks. LAB STREAM is a manufacturer that offers laboratory sinks and small funnels with a choice of shapes, dimensions, colors and installation methods.

When choosing a work surface, the most important thing is to study the resistance data of the material issued by the manufacturer or an independent institution. If there is no data for, for example, chemical resistance, it is clear that this material is not intended for chemical laboratories.

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Bulevar umetnosti 27, 11000 Beograd

+381 11 31 30 542

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