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Safety cabinets ASECOS

The new age has brought new technologies

Asecos - safety cabinets

Safety cabinets

The new age has brought new technologies that have enabled decentralized storage of chemicals. Instead of the old centralized storage system in purpose-built and equipped facilities, it is now possible to store chemicals and other hazardous substances in a safe way, at the place of use.

Apart from daily needs (one open bottle), larger quantities of hazardous materials must be stored in a way that is safe for employees and property. This means that the protection of health and facilities must be ensured by preventing the possibility of fire, eliminating the inhalation of hazardous substances and protecting property from the effects of hazardous substances.

asecos, the world’s leading manufacturer of safety cabinets, with a large number of models, dimensions and equipment, allows each user to find a solution in accordance with their needs and legislation.

Safety cabinets are made in accordance with European standards adopted in our country – SRPS EN 14470-1, SRPS EN 14470-2, SRPS EN 16121, SRPS EN 16122 and numerous directives relating to safety at work and handling certain equipment.

Rough division of security cabinets according to purpose:

For storage of flammable substances

For storage of corrosive materials

For storing pressure bottles

For poison storage

Proper use of safety cabinets implies storage of materials in cabinets intended for that type of material. Flammable chemicals have adequate protection only in cabinets intended for that. Corrosive materials will damage cabinet parts that are not intended for storage of materials that cause corrosion of metal parts. Pressurized bottles are a danger on several bases – pressurized gas due to damage to the valve or the bottle itself can lead to an explosion, stored gas can be harmful to health, and can cause fires – so it is forbidden to keep bottles in the work area without adequate protection-safety cabinets.

In accordance with the needs of users, primarily according to the place of installation, and according to the amount of material for storage, asecos offers cabinets in its program that can be freestanding high-volume units or undercounters-installed mainly below the fume hood or workbenches.

Interior equipment – shelves or drawers, depends on the packaging, available space and how to use stored materials.

In accordance with the standards and legal regulations, all safety cabinets must have a certain number of air exchanges, and this can only be ensured by connecting to the ventilation system. The first variant is the installation of fans and ventilation pipes that remove vapors from the working environment. Otion are various-from a small fans that serve one cabinet each, through a central ventilation system for multiple cabinets. Another variant is the installation of filter extraction units that serve one cabinet and eliminate the need to extract harmfull vapours to the outside environment, but purify the air in the working environment. Filtering is done through replacable cartridges that change at intervals determined by the unit itself, monitoring saturation and is performed without the use of tools, quickly and easily.

All safety cabinets are locked, which prevents access to persons who do not have permission to do so.

In addition to safety cabinets for laboratory purposes, asecos also offers an industrial range of cabinets and equipment for the storage and handling of hazardous materials.

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Bulevar umetnosti 27, 11000 Beograd

+381 11 31 30 542

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